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How to build an ideal relationship

Clearly, everyone has their own idea of the ideal relationship. However, if the material in this article makes your relationship a little warmer and better, it means that you are ready to grow up and are already on your way to an ideal relationship. That way you will have the opportunity to use Jacksonville date ideas and …


Romantic trips to Ukraine

As you know, women in Ukraine are the most beautiful in the world. For this reason, many modern men strive to find here a partner with whom they can spend their whole lives. There are also those men who want to arrange romantic trips to ukraine to find a future bride. It’s not that hard …


Can Separating Love And Sex Be Beneficial?

Regardless of whether we prefer monogamous, open, or relationship types that fall somewhere in between, it’s fair to say that most of us seek general commonalities in a relationship. These include a sense of security and belonging, a foundation of mutual adoration for the other’s personality that could potentially evolve into love, physical attraction that makes for …


Are Gay Bars Bad for Gay Relationships?

An ongoing argument exists in our community over whether gay bars pose a threat to gay relationships. The idea here is that by continuing to frequent these bars and clubs, gay couples increase their vulnerability to a multitude of issues related to impaired judgment, sending the wrong messages about the relationship, and instigating jealousy. On …


How to Deal with Biphobia While Dating

Dating as a woman can be difficult, but dating as a bisexual woman can be even harder. If you’re into both guys and girls, you might be familiar with some of the stereotypes that bi women face. Straight men think it’s hot, or assume you’re automatically interested in a threesome, or ask, “But isn’t that …