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Dating Someone Who Just Came Out

Closet, meet world. If you’re dating someone who just came out as gay/lesbian/bisexual, it’s easy to forget how difficult and complex and stressful the process might be for him or her. The best way to encourage those insecurities to vanish is to simply be there for your partner and be as supportive as possible. Here …


5 Gay Celebrity Couples Who Have It All

It’s been a good couple of years for LGBT celebrity couples. Every day, more gay celebrity couples are finding themselves happily in love, posing proudly in front of the camera, and sharing their ultra-cute stories about how they met and fell in love. These stories inspire us and help us remember that love is often …


3 Tips for Arranging Your First Gay/Lesbian Date

If you’re newly out and haven’t had much experience in the gay/lesbian dating world, it’s crucial to ease your nerves so you can reveal the best parts of your personality. Those first few dates are the most nerve-wracking, but you can curb those first date jitters by preparing for your date ahead of time. Remember, your …


5 Tips for LGBT Dating in a New City

You’ve finished unpacking and are settling into your new city. But, there’s just one part of your life that’s left unsettled—your love life. Dating can be difficult after moving to a new city, especially when you’re gay, lesbian, or happen to fall anywhere under the broad LGBT spectrum.


The Best Cities for Singles Who Are Open-Minded

When it comes to finding love, some people are more flexible on dating criteria than others; our latest study identified where these open-minded daters live. For our study, open-mindedness specifically describes how willing a person is to date someone different from himself of herself. So what are the best cities for singles who are open-minded? …